Best Macarons


Curated by Eva Tsang

It is the ultimate indulgence; the light, airy and oh-so-irresistible macaron. These delicate and utterly delicious French cookies have come to symbolize the Paris pastry scene and the city’s pastry geniuses are using their creativity and imagination to create macarons worthy of being the best in Paris. Very few places stand up to the intense hype that surround them, but each one on this list lives up to every expectation.

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    While in Paris, make your way into the super-chic patisseries where you can’t help but feel like you have walked into a high-end jewelry shop. Be prepared to feast your eyes on colorful macarons and gorgeous looking pastries that are individually top-lit and locked behind a glass. Founded by French champion pastry chef, Hughes Pouget who worked as head pâtissier at Guy Savoy, Mr. Pouget is passionate about his work and it is evident in his creations. The macarons here along with the pastries are more like beautiful works of art than edible goodies.

    Hugo & Victor
    Photography by Eva Tsang

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    For unique Japanese-inspired macarons, head to Saduharu Aoki. Born in Tokyo and trained in Paris, Saduharu Aoki lets his Japanese heritage influence his creations as he delights us with Asian flavors such as wasabi, yuzu, sesame, and matcha green tea. With a focus on perfecting simplicity, his macarons are simple, delicious and unbelievably precise in flavor. While Sadaharu Aoki is certainly not the first name that comes to mind when thinking of famous Parisian pastry chefs, his macarons are absolutely exquisite and definitely one of the best in Paris.

    Sadaharu Aoki
    Photography by Eva Tsang

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    For a real taste of Russian luxury in Paris, be sure to make a stop at Café Pounckine. Their macarons, either with shiny metallic tops or with their signature duo-colored circles are as delicious as they are pretty. Café Pouchkine has been a sweets destination in Russia since 1999, serving pastries with local and French influences. From the moment they set up shop in Paris, they were apt to compete among the best in Paris. For serious French macaron lovers, don't miss Café Pouchkine's divine interpretation.

    Café Pouchkine
    Photography by Eva Tsang

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    Justifiably one of the most famous pastry chefs in the world and often dubbed the “Picasso of Pastry,” Pierre Hermé is a master at creating macarons that guarantees to excite our taste buds. His macarons are aimed to surprise and seduce the palate as his flavors consist of floral, exotic fruits and sophisticated takes on the classics. Adventurous foodies will eagerly devour his sweet-savory flavors like chocolate- foie gras and olive oil- citrus.

    Pierre Hermé
    Photography by Stefan Karlström

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    Beyond its famously rich and delicious hot chocolate, Carette is also known for their scrumptious macarons. Established in 1927, many consider this charming Parisian pastry shop and tea salon to have the best macarons in Paris. With a location close to the Eiffel tower, one can indulge in the ultimate Parisian experience. Grab a few macarons, a blanket, maybe a bottle of wine and enjoy a sweet picnic in front of the famous landmark.

    Carette macarons
    Photography by Eva Tsang