Best Ice Cream


Curated by Eva Tsang

What could be more perfect than strolling the banks of the Seine with an ice cream cone in hand? Here is our scoop on the best ice cream and gelato shops in Paris for a delicious frozen treat. Your next big decision – one scoop or two?

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    If you find yourself craving authentic Italian gelato in Paris, Pozzetto is the place to get your fix. The owners, Maura and Paolo started Pozzetto simply out of their passion for ice cream and they inspired to bring authentic gelato with classic Italian flavors to Paris. The continuous line forming down the Rue du Sicile from Pozzetto's takeout window proves that the gelato here is worth working up a sweat for. The gelato is made by hand in small batches daily, with the finest ingredients guaranteed. In keeping with the Italian tradition, they fill up your cone or cup with a spatula and you can ask for as many flavors as you want.

    Photography by Stefan Karlström

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    With half a century behind it, Berthillon is one of the oldest ice-cream makers today. This famous Parisian glacier makes what many consider the best ice cream in the world. Berthillion serves up decadent ice creams and sorbets made with natural ingredients only, no chemical preservatives, articial sweeteners or stabilizers. Their motto is and will always be “La qualité est notre passion” or “Quality is our passion.” While many shops in Paris sell Berthillon ice cream, be sure to visit the original shop on Rue Saint-Louis en l'Île as it is the most iconic. Be prepared to wait in line – but it's well worth the wait.

    Photography by Eva Tsang

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    Raimo Glacier was established in 1947 and claims its place as the oldest artisan ice-cream maker in Paris and still one of the best. Although the family were of Italian origin, their recipes, some of which dates back to the 19th century, are of a pure French tradition. Today, the traditional family recipes are kept intact while a selection of new seasonal flavors are also available. The silky ice creams and sorbets are still churned on the premises by a chefs who regularly update flavors while using only the best quality ingredients. Classic flavors such as vanilla, praline and chocolate are exceptional while the fruit-based sorbets of summer are especially popular.

    Photography by Eva Tsang

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    Set amidst high-end shops and tucked away behind Le Bon Marché is Le Bac à Glaces, an charming shop that specializes in delectable ice creams and sorbets. A giant ice cream cone placed outside their shop beckons you take a break from shopping and step inside to this cozy old-fashioned establishment that has been running since 1982. Ice cream extraordinaire Sylvain Roël wows us with a wide repertoire of intense flavors including delicious classics along with innovative exotic flavors such as avocado, beaujolais nouveau (a French wine) or camembert (a French cheese).

    Le Bac à Glaces
    Photography by Stefan Karlström

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    If you’re craving something seriously indulgent, head over to Martine Lambert´s shop on Rue Cler where you can savor some of the richest and creamiest ice creams that Paris has to offer. The ingredients that goes into the ice creams and sorbets are carefully selected for their quality; handpicked fresh fruits from all over the world to milk from Normandy. Martine Lambert has spent years perfecting her imaginative concoctions, her flavors are unique and constantly changing. She is always looking for innovative flavors and ways to reinvent the balance between the familiar and the exotic, the sweet and the savory.

    Martine Lambert
    Photography by Eva Tsang

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    People love to head to Gelati d’Alberto for two things: the outrageously delicious ice cream made fresh daily and the artful way in which it is served. Watch as they shape your ice creams scoops to resemble a rose in full bloom, the more flavors you choose, the prettier your ice cream flower becomes! Just when you think your beautifully shaped ice cream cone is too perfect to eat, you devour it in minutes and it won't be too long until you're back for more.

    Gelati d'Alberto
    Photography by Stefan Karlström

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    For delicious French ice cream with a touch of nostalgia, head to A la Mère de Famille where you will find some of the best ice creams that Paris has to offer. Established in 1761, A la Mère de Famille is a heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth. Along with traditional scoops, A la Mère de Famille also serves scrumptious homemade Exquimaux’ (frozen ice cream lollypops, coated in chocolate, caramelised almonds, biscuits or crushed hazelnuts) and delicious rochers glacés (small chocolate logs filled with peach, caramel or chocolate marshmallow flavoured ice cream). This charming 250-year old sweet shop is also filled with all sorts of French delicacies such as bonbons, jellies and chocolates.

    La Mere De Famille
    Photography by Eva Tsang