Best Chocolate Shops


Curated by Eva Tsang

Find out why Paris is the chocolate capital of the world with our guide to the city’s best chocolate shops. Each master chocolatier on our list produces signature melt-in-your mouth chocolates, be it a truffle, chocolate bar, bonbon, praline or some other sinfully delicious concoction. Rich, luxurious and wonderfully decadent – chocolate lovers have never had it sweeter.

  • 1

    You never know what to expect when you visit Patrick Roger’s whimsical chocolate shop. Roger never ceases to surprise and delight us with his dazzling life-sized chocolate sculptures and quirky window displays. Named best chocolatier of France in 2000, Roger has made a name for himself in the artisanal chocolate industry, setting himself apart by creating sinfully delicious bonbons and chocolates in exotic yet refined flavor combinations such as lime-caramel and lemon-basil. Roger’s exquisite chocolates and sculptures has illustrated his great attention to detail along with his amazing level of creativity and passion for his art.

    Patrick Roger
    Photography by Stefan Karlström

  • 2

    Founded in 1977 in Paris, La Maison Du Chocolat opened its door to a world of creative excellence and passion. The visionary behind the world famous chocolate shop is Robert Linxe who was dubbed the “sorcerer of ganache.” Linxe is a master in crafting chocolates with the creamiest ganache, creating each delicate piece with the most harmonious and balanced use of ingredients. Today, La Maison du Chocolat has gained worldwide acclaim and is world-renowned for its exquisite chocolate creations.

    La Maison Du Chocolat
    Photography by Stefan Karlström

  • 3

    Jacques Genin his undoubtedly mastered the art of classic French pastries. From caramels, éclairs, millefeuilles to Paris-brests, there is seemingly nothing Jacques Genin makes that is not utterly delicious, and we haven’t even begun on his chocolate yet. Named one of the top French chocolatiers in 2010 by Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat, Genin offers the essence of great chocolate. Displayed in his shop like jewels, his dainty squared chocolates are made fresh daily, handled with care and packaged in beautiful tin boxes.

    Jacques Genin
    Photography by Stefan Karlström

  • 4

    At Jean-Charles Rochoux, you will find yourself in a charming chocolate shop filled with lots of little wonders that will keep you absolutely enchanted. Rochoux packs an unbelievable amount of options in his tiny shop including perfectly shaped chocolate sculptures of figurines and animals, all of which is beautifully crafted in Rochoux’s workshop just beneath his shop. His bonbons, ganaches, pralines and truffles are equally impression. Choose from flavors like blackcurrant, basil, peppercorn and rose.

    Jean-Charles Rochoux
    Photography by Stefan Karlström

  • 5

    Step back in time and enjoy a slice of true Parisian history at A la Mère de Famille. Founded in 1761, this charming store is Paris’s oldest sweet shop and is an absolute must-go destination for chocolate lovers. The shop offers a wide range of irresistible artisan chocolates, including a great selection of single-origin chocolate bars from Madagascar, Ecuador, Venezuela and more. The company now has several other locations in Paris, but a visit to the original shop is a must. The shop is certainly enchanting as the floor tiles, display cases, and furnishings are all true vintage Paris.

    À la mère de famille chocolates
    Photography by Stefan Karlström